Michael Frost on Community

I’ve often observed that community for the sake of community soon wears out.  We become inward looking and lose a sense of purpose.  Watch this clip and see what Michael Frost has to say about community as it connects to mission.

Missional Groups

I am thankful that God invites us to have a relationship with Him.  I am happy to know that He asked us not to walk alone, but to walk with Him in community with others.  And finally, I believe that its in missional community that we begin to see our own transformation.  Please join me in this journey of embracing community.


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Missional Discipleship
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2 Responses to Michael Frost on Community

  1. Glenda Rickard says:


    This is the first time that I have read your blog. You are such a good inspirational writer. I seriously think that you should consider publishing your blog as a devotional book!

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