Women’s Ministry in a Changing Culture

In my own journey in ministry, I have been impacted by Coffee Break Women’s Bible Study.  The study of God’s Word, in the fellowship of women, with a desire to reach others truly changed my life, as I began to share scripture with others.  I am convinced of the power of God’s Word to change lives, especially when we engage it in relational settings.  I have also learned that a deeper faith tends to emerge as we step into God’s mission, loving and embracing the world in which He has placed us.  This world is alive with people made in His image; people who are seeking to make sense out of the stuff of life.I realize that the world is a much different place than it was, 25 years ago when I began my involvement in Coffee Break.  Culturally our neighbourhoods are becoming increasingly diverse, and women have less available time to attend a traditional Bible Study.  I wonder if there are new ways of doing ministry that are just being explored.

I am convinced that women are very relational.  We love to meet for coffee or lunch and to share with each other what’s going on in our lives.  That’s also how we do ministry – in a very relational way.

Yet at times I struggle to find my own place in community.  For various reasons living in community has its challenges as well as its blessings.  We live in a culture that is increasingly consumeristic and individualistic.  And life is so busy!  Yet as God’s people, made for community, I hope we can look to God’s Word and hear His promptings.  Perhaps together, we can strive for community that is ‘counter cultural’.  I hope that in these pages, we can wrestle together some new ways of engaging God’s truth, so that it informs our ministry to women in our churches and in our communities.

I celebrate the uniqueness of women, in a way that honours the individual nature with which we all journey through life.  Each of us have unique gifts.  We serve in different ways.  We have varying amounts of time to give, and various places in which we might have influence.  As women sharing together I hope that we  can grow in our understanding and practice of what it means to integrate our faith into our life in the neighbourhood.

I welcome your comments, as we journey together.


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One Response to Women’s Ministry in a Changing Culture

  1. loisegithinji says:

    Hey Marian,
    Your blog looks fantastic! Love those green mugs! I look forward to making many visits to learn as I become more intentional in living missionally in and through the communities of women that I am a part of.

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