In the Beginning…

In a recent study of Genesis, I was struck by a new awareness of the character of God. The author of Genesis 1 paints a grand picture of the creation of the world. God was there before time, creating out of nothing. He separated the waters and created land and sky and sea. He filled the earth with plants and animals and man. He created light and dark, sun, moon and stars. In psychedelic, kaleidoscopic manner, we envision the power and majesty of a Creator we cannot see, bringing to life a world more beautiful than we can imagine. My limited mind strives to comprehend a limitless God.  The almighty power of God, commanding things into being and calling them ‘good’. This is an awesome God.

Now read Genesis 2. Some elements of the story are repeated. We read in more detail about the creation of man. Gen 1 names the creation of man in God’s image. The 2nd chapter brings the story to life, as God forms man from the dust. This Almighty God comes to earth, gathers the dust in His hands, and like a craftsman shaping and moulding, He forms a man in His own image. Then, in this most intimate moment, He breathes life into this lifeless form. Mouth-to-mouth, God with man.

The Almighty God creates the world with His very command;
…a loving, personal God creates Adam with his hands and his breath.

Gen 3 brings the story we all know so well, the story of the fall. The rebellion of man threatens to break the heart of God; yet before the end of the chapter, God pursues a reconciliation. While Adam and Eve hide, God seeks them out, and we see the beginning of the story of God drawing His created world to himself.

This is the message we bring to the world! The creator God is more powerful than we can imagine or understand.  Yet, He intimately loves His people whom He shaped and formed and gave the breath of life. As we turn to go our own way, God pursues us, to bring us back into a restored relationship with Him. This is the God we invite others to know.


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