Face Down

I’ve been hosting a Bible Study in my home this fall. I’ve had a wonderful group of women of all ages come each week for fellowship and study. We’ve been studying the Psalms of Ascent (Psalms 12o – 134). The first lesson began with an invitation to come, face down before the Lord each day. We were encouraged to ‘take our places on our faces’.  Although I’ve not been on my face every day, I have learned some things from my time on the floor. I’ve learned that I really don’t want to do it – I want to get on with the day, not lay on the floor. It’s not comfortable; it doesn’t smell so great. Sometimes I get dirt on my forehead.

But more importantly, what has been overwhelming for me is the sense that this is really how I come before God anyway – empty, with nothing to bring. Being face down has made me realize that I can bring nothing of my own strength or ability that has not come from the hand of God himself. All that we have comes from Him; all that we are has been created by The Almighty. Being on my face has made me come ‘face to face’ or shall I say ‘face to floor’ with that.

And when we strip away our pride and our focus on self, we can begin to see who He is. In some of my times on the carpet, I’ve been overcome by a revelation of who God is – He is holy and perfect and just and righteous and loving. He is Truth. He is Creator, Provider, Healer, Lover, Shepherd, Father and Friend. Your list will have other words… yet the truth is, God is! He is the Great I Am!

Perhaps being facedown is our response to the presence of the Lord.  Leviticus 9:23-24 describes a time when the Aaron and Moses came before the Lord.  Read the text and you’ll see that …the people shouted for joy and fell facedown. 

Journeying in Ministry to Women, have you lost sight of who God is? Are you struggling to complete the task? Spend some time on the floor before the Lord. Invite Him to be the Great I Am.


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3 Responses to Face Down

  1. Gerri Nyman says:

    This looks great Marian!
    I will be sure to follow on a regular basis!
    Thanks for your work on this!

  2. Lois Francis says:

    Marian, I love this “facedown” message. It’s not just the laying down: it’s the act of stopping in the middle of my “very important” life and schedule and saying to God, “You’re first. You’re the One to be adored.” Thanks for pointing this out on a day when I’ve been grumbling about my to-do list. Time for a face plant!

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