Mark 5 ~ The Healing Touch

In this chapter, Mark shares with us 3 stories of healing. It appears that Jesus might be the last resort for each one who comes to him in this chapter.  The demon possessed man living among the tombs, in the land of the dead, is an outcast from society.  Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue, comes with a last hope for his daughter who is dying.  A woman, bleeding for 12 years, has suffered under the care of the medical profession.

As I reflect, I’m not sure we can fully conceive the despair of these individuals.

We were struck by the compassion of Jesus as he reaches out to each one.  We tried to imagine what it was like… for the demon possessed man… for Jairus… for the woman bleeding for 12 years…

The demon possessed man, as good as dead. How long had it been since someone touched him, spoke to him, even acknowledged his existence?

Jairus begging for his daughter as she lies dying …she’s only 12.

The woman, bleeding for 12 years (paralleling the life of the daughter?), probably also lived as an outcast.  Imagine her pain, her fatigue, her smell, her loneliness, fighting demons of her own.

Each one fell at Jesus’ feet, recognizing something of his great power; each one willing to be humbled to receive.  Each one receives more than healing.  Each one becomes whole, restored, complete.

The demon possessed man, is free of his demons and restored to his family.
(Imagine the emotion of a mother welcoming this son home!)

Jairus seeks healing for a sick child, yet witnesses a resurrection of the dead and restoration within his family.

The woman in her stench and brokenness is called ‘Daughter.’ When others avoided her very being, Jesus looks into her eyes and acknowledges her as family.

In our reflecting, we began to share some of our own stories of suffering…

Sometimes it’s hard to know that not all stories end in physical healing…

Perhaps our stories are about a restoration and wholeness that comes from the very presence of Jesus in the midst of our suffering… a presence that has us looking to Him for all that we need, and receiving all that He gives.



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One Response to Mark 5 ~ The Healing Touch

  1. H. Lensink says:

    Great thoughts Marian – makes you realize that we have little ability to understand or imagine His healing power…

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