Mark 11: The Triumphal Entry – A King with Authority

The Triumphal Entry is a familiar passage even for children.  Yet, it’s quite surprising to consider Jesus full control spelled out to the last detail.  He directs his disciples to fetch him a colt, knows where it will be and even warns of someone who will question their activity.  Jesus requests their involvement, and they find things, just as He said.

They spread their cloaks… others did too… for some, their only possession?  The people sang Hosanna, quoting from Psalm 118, “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.”  They were expecting an earthly Messiah; they celebrated His apparent arrival.

We noted that Jesus entered the temple, looked around, but then left; He went to Bethany.  Although the text makes no mention of His mood, we wondered if He was pained by what He saw… if He was brooding that evening.

The next day, Jesus curses a fruitless fig tree, on His way to Jerusalem.  Upon arrival at the temple, Jesus clears the place, overturning tables of the money changers.  He quotes from Isaiah, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.”  Religious leaders want Him dead; the crowd continues to be amazed.  Hate and admiration – opposites coming to a climax.

Again, he leaves the city at night.

Perhaps it was too dangerous to stay in Jerusalem.

Perhaps there was no room for Him to sleep in the city.

Both remind us of His birth.

By morning, the fig tree has withered…  Was Jesus just waiting for the disciples to notice?  He takes the opportunity to teach them about the need for faith as we pray, and adds that our unforgiveness hinders our prayers.

Jesus is approaching his death, yet twice in this passage He talks about prayer.

As Jesus is walking in the temple, the religious leaders question His authority. Jesus returns with a question, regarding John’s authority to baptize.  They offer no response; did they understand that both John and Jesus came with the authority of God?

The entrance of a King, with the authority of God… inviting us to pray with faith.

Jesus, be the King of my heart today!


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