Training for Teachers

On Sunday we enjoyed leisurely breakfast, and some time in the gym and the pool before joining Untung and Ivany for evening church.   Untung had to preach in the morning, but his church started at 6:30am so he assumed correctly that we’d rather not be up that early. Evening church was a very traditional service, preached from the lectionary; we could follow the scripture with our English Bible.  Untung’s children played in an orchestra of xylophone type instrument (I’ve forgotten the name) which accompanied the singing.  Indonesian lycrics had been put to American hymns that were familiar to us.  We hummed along, or sang the words that we knew from memory.

Afterwards we enjoyed a traditional Indonesian meal with Untung and his family, including Oma, who lives with the family.  Oma was delightful; at 82 she has a cell phone, and answered two calls during our drive from church!

On Monday, we had a training session, for 70 DSC_0153teachers in the Christian Schools in Jakarta.  They all came in uniform – a traditional blue batik shirt.  Many were eager to learn how they might use Coffee Break in their school settings, both with fellow teachers, but also with students.  Because their English is very good, I could teach without translation.  Many were very comfortable asking questions in English as well.

In the afternoon, Untung led a session in Indonesian, with much group participation.  I was struck by all the laughter and regret that I don’t know the language.  I am thrilled that they were having so much fun, learning how to do Bible Study.

DSC_0152At lunch time, one teacher came to me and mentioned that he had to leave, because every Monday afternoon, he leads a Bible study.  He began with 3 students, and the group has grown to 40 students, eager to study the Word of God.

Another teacher expressed concern that students were so busy with extra-curricular activities, that it’s hard to get students to a Bible Study.  Her plan is to begin with a few, and hope that the excitement will spread to additional students.

At the close of the day, one woman named Donna shared with me her passion for doing a study in Starbucks.  Her eyes were teary as she told me that it’s so hard to find someone who will share her passion and vision for ministry.  She wanted to know if I thought there could be fruit in just spending time at Starbucks, and beginning to show love to people she would meet there.  She shared her vision for loving people enough that they would be open to her sharing the gospel.  Her passion was palpable.   We exchanged email addresses.

DSC_0149At the end of the day of training, I was asked to close the day with prayer and a blessing. As we said Amen, one by one, the people came to shake my hand and offer words of thanks and blessing.  I was moved by their gratitude, and regret that our time was so short.


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