Today We’re Tourists

On Tuesday morning, we flew from Jakarta, to Jogjakarta, a city about 8hrs away by car.  There are 48 Universities here in this city.  Among other things, it means much of the population gets around on motorcycles. The next workshop day is planned for Thursday, so we’ve had the privilege of being DSC_0007tourists for two days.  An even greater privilege is that we’ve been hosted by Untung and his wife Ivany; we’ve shared many meals, and had many laughs, as we’ve learned about each other’s cultures.  Homer has been thrilled to learn that Indonesians love Blackberrys (a Canadian cell phone!).  Everyone has a blackberry! We’ve had the opportunity to see so much – here’s a snapshot of a few things. DSC_0008

 Amazing Indonesian food, in traditional authentic restaurants.

The traffic continues to surprise us, and makes us thankful we don’t need to drive!The scene at a red everywhere.

Motorcycles everywhere!


Shopping for Batik…


Borobudur – an ancient Buddhist temple

DSC_0127 DSC_0129DSC_0110

Prambanan, ancient Hindu Temple.  Both temples dated back to the first century AD, and are awesome beyond words.

DSC_0222 DSC_0180DSC_0218

Monkeys roaming in the park

and elephants….



and my favourite, the children.

We’ve had an amazing couple of days… looking forward to workshops tomorrow!


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